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Getting ready for the 2024 summer season!
Centrum CLOSED!
Getting ready for the 2024 summer season!

rules of bikepark

1. Entry onto the track and warm-up after stopping
Before entering the track, the cyclist is obliged to visually familiarize themselves with the track and obstacles in order to assess their ability to ride on the track by bicycle. A cyclist who entered the cycling track, stopped, and wants to continue riding after stopping, is obliged to make sure that they do not endanger themselves or another cyclist.

2. Choice of direction in the Bike Park
Cycling tracks are one-way start-finish. The cyclist must follow the direction indicated by the track markings.

3. Safety of cycling equipment
A cyclist may only use cycling equipment in the condition in which the manufacturer ensures safety when using the product. It is necessary to use a helmet, gloves, elbow guards, knee pads, back protector, chest protector.

4. Speed control and riding technique
As a participant in the cycling park track, the cyclist must have an overview of the situation ahead. The speed must be adjusted according to their abilities and possibilities, the condition of the track, and individual obstacles.

5. Consideration for other individuals in the Bike Park
On the cycling track, every cyclist is obliged to behave in a way that does not endanger the health and life or cause harm to themselves or others. A cyclist who is riding behind another cyclist must not endanger the cyclist riding in front of them and must maintain a sufficient distance to allow the cyclist in front to have space to ride. The distance between cyclists on the downhill track must be at least 50 m.

6. Overtaking
Overtaking is prohibited on the cycling track, and the cyclist is obliged to follow the direction of travel.

7. Compliance with signage
The cyclist must adhere to the signage on the cycling track.

8. Providing assistance - Tel. 115, reception +421 486 308 813
In case of an accident on the cycling track, the cyclist is obliged to provide assistance and report the accident to the authorized person. The authorized person is the park operator. The reporting point is the position of the valley or mountain station of the cable car.

9. Notice
Visitors are allowed to enter the Bike Park only with the permission of the park operator. The operator of the cycling tracks is entitled to prohibit the activities on the cycling track for individuals who do not comply with the rules of behavior on the cycling track. Every biker (rider) is obliged to read and sign the Biker Declaration before purchasing a ticket. By purchasing the ticket, he confirms that he has read, understood, signed, and agrees to the rules in Bike Park Mýto SKI & BIKE.

10. The following prohibitions apply in Bike Park:
• prohibition of any activity other than cycling,
• prohibition of dismantling, modifying, damaging the track markings, obstacles, and information boards,
• prohibition of entry for children without the supervision of a responsible person,
• prohibition of cycling under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs and the use of glass containers,
• prohibition of smoking,
• prohibition of open fires,
• prohibition of pedaling against the direction of travel,
• prohibition of pedestrian entry.

By purchasing a ticket and entering the Bike park area, the visitor undertakes to obey the rules of behavior in the cycling park and acknowledges that they ride at their own responsibility and risk.

The operator does not assume responsibility for any damage to property and health of park visitors.

A cyclist is obliged to ensure themselves for the intervention of mountain rescue services.

In case of an inspection by the Bike Park operator, the visitor must present a valid purchased ticket (entry ticket) from the registration cash desk.

The ski resort reserves the right to limit the transport capacity according to current occupancy and weather conditions.

The operator reserves the right to suspend the operation of transport facilities in case of adverse weather conditions, high wind speed, malfunctions, power outages, etc.


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