Centrum CLOSED!
Getting ready for the 2024 summer season!
Centrum CLOSED!
Getting ready for the 2024 summer season!

Ski tourers

Welcome to the Mýto SKI & BIKE ski resort.

Remember that you are a guest of the resort and movement on the ski tracks is governed by the operating regulations, which must be followed.

Access to the area is only through the turnstile and it is necessary to purchase a ski touring ticket directly at the ticket office.

You are responsible for your own movement on the ascent and descent tracks. The slopes are primarily for the use of cable cars and lifts. In order to prevent collisions and accidents on the slopes, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the conditions of movement for ski tourers on the ski tracks and to comply with the following recommendations in addition to FIS regulations.

During the time from 16:30 to 8:30 (or 7:30 in the case of the first snow) the following day, SLOPES ARE CLOSED!

There is a danger of injury from snowmaking cables and from machines grooming the tracks, especially winches with extended lines!

  • Always ascend on the edge of the ski slope, beyond the boundary marked by portable signs (poles, nets, fences ...).
  • Always ascend only along the designated ascent route, marked with portable signs in yellow color.
  • Always ascend one after another, not side by side.
  • Pay increased attention to the movement of skiers on the slope.
  • Also pay increased attention to terrain horizons, edges, narrow places, steep slopes, icy surfaces, intersections of ski slopes, and other locations where there is an increased risk of collision with skiers.
  • Traverse the slope at a sufficient distance and only at designated places.
  • Do not enter closed slopes or their sections. Follow local signage and recommendations of the cable car operators, ski slopes, and instructions of the ski service (Mountain Rescue, Ski Patrol, Avalanche Control, etc.).
  • Do not enter the slopes outside of official operating hours.
  • Ascending with a dog on the ski slope is prohibited.
  • On ski touring routes located in national parks, protected landscape areas, visitors are obliged to comply with the visitor regulations of the respective area.
  • See the white code.
  • By defining areas reserved for ski touring, participants in ski touring ascent agree to comply with these rules and instructions of authorized staff. In the event of a violation of these rules, the authorized staff member is entitled to instruct the participant in the ski touring ascent and demand compliance. In the event of gross, continuous, or repeated violations, the authorized staff member is entitled to prevent the participant in the ski touring ascent from entering the designated areas for ski tourers.
  • Please purchase a ticket before ascending.