1. Entering the trail and start after stopping
Before entering the trail, the biker is obliged to thoroughly visually inspect the trail and obstacles and to assess his/her skills to manage the bike ride on the trail.  Each biker who entered a bike trail, stopped and wants to continue riding, is obliged to ensure that he/she does not endanger himself/herself or other biker.

2. Ride direction in the Bike Park
Bike trails are one-way from start to finish. The biker must comply with the direction of the trail as marked.

3. Safety of the biking gear
Biker is obliged to use biking gear in the condition in which the manufacturer secures safe use of the product. Biker must wear a helmet, gloves, and elbow, knee, spine and chest protectors.​

4. Speed control and ride style
Biker as a trail user must have control over the situation in front of him/her. He must adjust the speed to his/her capacities and skills, the condition of the trail and individual obstacles.

5. Consideration to other persons in the Bike Park​
Each person riding on the trail shall be obliged to behave in such way so as not to endanger health and lives or cause damage to themselves and others. Biker who rides behind other biker must not endanger the person riding in front of him/her and must keep sufficient distance to give the cyclist in front of him/her enough space to ride. Distance between bikers on the trail should be at least 50 m.

6. Overtaking
Overtaking on the bike trail is prohibited and the biker is obliged to follow the direction of the ride.

7. Compliance with trail markings
Biker must comply with the trail markings.

8. Providing help  - Phone Nr. 115, reception +421 486 308 813
In case of an accident on the bike trail, the biker is obliged to provide help and to notify the authorised person of the accident. Authorised person is any bike park operator. Reporting site is the station of the chair lift.

9. Warning
Bikers ride in the bike park on their own responsibility. Persons younger than 18 years of age are not allowed to enter the bike trails. Persons younger than 18 years of age are allowed to enter the trails only with a written consent of a parent or guardian. Persons younger than 15 years of age may enter the trail only accompanied by a parent. Riding on the bike trail and entry into the bike park outside opening hours and without a valid ticket is prohibited. Each biker must signate BIKER'S DECLARATION. Visitors are allowed to enter the bike park only with permission of the park operators. Bike trail operator is entitled to banish persons who do not respect the rules of conduct on the bike trail.

10. It is prohibited: ​
• to perform any other activity than riding a bicycle,
• to dismantle, modify, damage trail markings, obstacles and information boards,
• for children to enter without supervision of a responsible person,
• to ride the bike under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic and narcotic substances and to use glass containers,
• to smoke,
• to enter with open fire,
• to push the bike in the opposite direction,
• for pedestrians to enter the bike trails!!! 


By purchasing the ticket and entering the area of the Bike Park, the visitors undertake to comply with the rules of conduct and acknowledge that they ride on their own risk and responsibility. The operator shall assume no responsibility for any damage to personal items and health of the visitors of the Bike Park. The Biker is obliged to have insurance covering services of mountain rescue service.

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